Multi-focus Image Fusion Using Hybrid Transformation

Authors(4) :-Dr. Sheshang D. Degadwala, Arpana Mahajan, Dhairya Vyas, Shivam Upadhyay

The technique of blending two images or more than two images which produces outcome as the composite fused image. The obtained fused image is the upgraded version of original images because it has all the salient information. The present applications makes majority usage of this fused image to speed up their processing tasks in their respective fields. Recent real-time applications which require image fusion are remote sensing applications, medical applications, surveillance application, photography applications etc. the broad categorization of image fusion techniques are Non-transform domain or spatial domain and Transform domain or frequency domain. This paper initiates with the introduction of image fusion. In the second section it explains the analysis of multi-focus techniques. The third section explains hybrid image fusion strategy. Further sections elaborates the taxonomy of image fusion techniques and their comparative analysis with results.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. Sheshang D. Degadwala
Head of Department, Computer Department, Sigma Institute of Engineering, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Arpana Mahajan
Assistant Professor, Computer Department, Sigma Institute of Engineering, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Dhairya Vyas
Assistant Professor, EC Department, Sigma Institute of Engineering, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Shivam Upadhyay
Assistant Professor, IT Department, Sigma Institute of Engineering, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Multi-focus, Fusion, DWT, DRT

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