Characterization Of Eu3+ -Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Nanocrystals - A Review

Authors(1) :-Anil R. Saradva

In the present work, we synthesize Yttrium aluminum garnet:Eu by nitrate–citrate sol–gel process and the structure of the materials was analyzed by means of X-ray diffraction,showing the cubic garnet phase of Yttrium aluminum garnet. We studied the effect of thermal treatment on crystalline size and we distinguished the Eu3+ ion presence by means of optical spectroscopic measurements

Authors and Affiliations

Anil R. Saradva
Assistant Professor, The H. N. S. B. Ltd. Science College, Himatnagar, Gujarat, India

Nanocrystals, Sol- Gel Method , XRD

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Published in : Volume 1_ | Issue 1 | 2014
Date of Publication : 2014-12-30
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Publisher : Technoscience Academy

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