Differences in Merit and Illusion

Authors(1) :-Satyendra Kumar Singh

Since the time of germination of the literary tradition, properties and alarms have been formulated as the regulatory body of poetry. How do virtues and illumination create poetry in a sentence form? This question has been resolved by the Acharya from their own merit. Both the qualities and the eloquence are the beauty pageants of poetry, but in what form they are poetic and socialist, the question is not of a single opinion. Some Acharya consider the merit of the quality and the quality of the poetry as a product of poetic beauty, while others considered the poetry to be a compulsory religion, considered to be the product of the poetic beauty, and the poetry has been recognized as poetry for the transmigration of extreme poverty while accepting the poetic unstable religion. The purpose of writing a research paper presented is to inaugurate the fact that there is a distinction between virtues and illusions, if not, what is it?

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Satyendra Kumar Singh
Sanskrit Department Allahabad University, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

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