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Cross-Layer Congestion Control to Optimize the Performance of Wireless Ad Hoc Network


Smt. Meeta V. Prajapati, Dr. S. M. Shah
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Wireless Ad hoc network become an emerging research area among researchers due to their flexibility and independence of network infrastructures. Ad hoc Networks are very useful in emergency search-and rescue operations, meetings or conventions in which persons wish to quickly share information, and data acquisition operations in inhospitable terrain. Also, in case of disaster or natural calamities, the deployment of a fixed infrastructure is neither feasible nor economically profitable for establishing communication among the rescue members, this paper briefly discusses the Rate Adaptation Scheme (RAS) and Congestion Control Scheme (CCS) using the DSDV Ad hoc routing protocol for wireless Ad hoc network. To improve the performance for Wireless Ad hoc Network, we propose a cross-layer design for congestion control which includes MAC/PHY and Network protocol stack. The MAC layer adaptively selects a transmission data rate based on the channel signal strength information from PHY layer and congestion information from Network Layer. The MAC layer utilization gathered at MAC layer is sent to DSDV as a congestion aware routing metric for up-to-date route. Implementation of Congestion Control is in Network Simulator 2 (NS 2). Finally we simulate the performance evaluation of DSDV and DSR Ad hoc routing protocols in terms of Throughput, Packet Delivery Ratio and End-to-End Delay which shows the performance of the network benefited from overall.

Smt. Meeta V. Prajapati, Dr. S. M. Shah



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Published in : Volume i | Issue i | November-December - 2014
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2014-12-25 2395-1990 2394-4099
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04-08 IJSRSET14112   Technoscience Academy

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