Security for Medical Records Using Private Key Encryption

Authors(3) :-Devika P., Divya S., Harinipriya V S.

Personal Health Records (PHRs) should remain the lifelong property of patients, who should be able to show them conveniently and securely to selected caregivers and institution. In contrast to previous approaches, our solution is designed to maintain EMR availability even when the network connectivity is not available. To validate our architecture, we have implemented a prototype system using attribute based encryption algorithm. Patients will be able to share their remote virtual machine session with selected caregivers, who will need internet and a Java enabled Web browser to PHR. We discuss a prototype that enables to generate a ciphered long key string and implement a Hypervisor which is a virtual machine to maintain the PHRs. Index Terms—Cloud computing, electronic medical record (EMR), personal health record (PHR), hypervisor.

Authors and Affiliations

Devika P.
Department of Information Technology Dhanalakshmi College Of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India
Divya S.
Department of Information Technology Dhanalakshmi College Of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India
Harinipriya V S.
Department of Information Technology Dhanalakshmi College Of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India

PHR, DICOM, HTML5, MyPHRMachines, EHR, VMs, IaaS

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