A Comparative Study of Video Compression Techniques

Authors(1) :-Shanta Ambalgi

In modern world more image and video compression technologies improving gradually. But major barrier of the new technologies concepts are repeated from authors. Because authors can’t find in depth of the papers from various technologies. So Survey of Video Compression Techniques very helpful for these types problems in video compression areas. Video compression techniques such as DCT coding, Quantization, Entropy coding, Motion estimation are widely used in video compression techniques. The main focus of this paper is to analyse video compression techniques required for video processing especially to discover how much amount of data to compressed, which techniques is faster and visual quality better and so on. We evaluate the video compression techniques for finding compression ratio in terms of performance, speed and accuracy. We also compare video compression techniques with conventional methods.

Authors and Affiliations

Shanta Ambalgi
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SCE Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

DCT coding, Quantization, Entropy coding, Motion estimation

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Date of Publication : 2015-06-25
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