Recent Trends comprehensive survey of Asynchronous Network and its Significant

Authors(2) :-Ajitesh S. Baghel, Rakesh Kumar Katare

Advancement in electronics and computer architecture has opened new domains of the parallel and distributed computing. The advent of the Multi Core CPU’s with the blending of the open MPI techniques has give the wings to the distributed computing with assurance of the parallelism. In this proposal, various important aspects of asynchronous algorithms and its data structures for parallel and distributed architecture will be investigated. This article has proposed and will examine networks of processor for asynchronous system to compute faster for more iteration. The complexity of interprocessor communication will be investigated. Hence efficient asynchronous algorithm is main concerned of the study for MPI systems.

Authors and Affiliations

Ajitesh S. Baghel
Department of Computer Science, A. P. S. Univesity, Rewa Madhya Pradesh, India
Rakesh Kumar Katare
Department of Computer Science, A. P. S. Univesity, Rewa Madhya Pradesh, India

Asynchronous Network, Distributed System, Parallel Computing, .

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