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Implementation and Comparision of Various Edge Detection Methods


Rekha Shukla, Rajesh Kumar Rai
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Edge is a basic feature of an image. Edges can be defined as boundary between two different regions in an image. Edge detection refers to the process of identifying and locating sharp discontinuities in an image. Edge detection process significantly reduces the amount of data and filters out useless information, while preserving the essential structural properties in an image. .In this paper we are implementing various edge detection techniques as Prewitt, Robert, Sobel, Marr Hildrith and Canny operators through Matlab tool and then comparing through each other. We can see that canny edge detector performs better than all other edge detectors on various aspects.

Rekha Shukla, Rajesh Kumar Rai

Edge Detection, Digital Image Processing, Image segmentation

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Published in : Volume 1 | Issue 4 | July-August - 2015
Date of Publication Print ISSN Online ISSN
2015-08-25 2395-1990 2394-4099
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166-169 IJSRSET151426   Technoscience Academy

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