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A Comparative Assessment of Water Quality for Pithampur Industrial Area, Indore, India


Dr. Nitin Goyal, Shailendra Singh, Lalitesh Sinha, Utkarsh Jain
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Industrial revolution in the late eighteenth is an important event in the history. On the one hand it ushered an area of modern civilization by catalyzing the industrialization and elevating standard of human life. On the other hand it created some problems for human in shape of pollution, which started exhibiting implications on various aspects of plant and human life.
In the Pithampur Industrial area there is no proper drainage system, which may become a major problem for drinking water contamination in future as number of industries increasing day-by-day. The industries are also having residential areas that generate domestic waste & the discharge was going as such because of no drainage system.
A study was conducted to determine the water quality of surface and ground water sources, near a busy industrial area at Indore.  Buddhi, et al. (2009) reported that the ground water quality of this industrial area had deteriorated. Similar observations were found in the present study as substantiated by the values of Hardness, Chlorides and Alkalinity.
The major problem indicated by the residents was related to health issues and the decline in crop yield.
Finally it was concluded that the Ground water in the sector no. 1 of the Pithampur industrial area was hard and had higher concentration of chlorides. Though, the surface water had relatively less hardness and chloride content.  The overall quality of water indicated that these were within the permissible limits, and could be utilized for drinking purpose after suitable treatment.

Dr. Nitin Goyal, Shailendra Singh, Lalitesh Sinha, Utkarsh Jain

Water Quality, Assessment, pH, Turbidity, DO

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Published in : Volume 1 | Issue 4 | July-August - 2015
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2015-08-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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388-395 IJSRSET151484   Technoscience Academy

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