Designing The Molecular System(Donor-Nanobridge-Acceptor) Employing the Aviram-Ratner Model

Authors(2) :-Hamid. I. Abbood, Khalid Jabbar Mutashar

Present study depends on Aviram – Ratner model to designing molecular electronic system as a donor -nanobridge - acceptor and calculating the geometrical parameters and energies for the D- NB-A molecular system and it is components by B3LYP/DFT Calculations. The LUMO-HOMO energy gap for the studied structures showed that the substituents adding to the phenyl ring lead to a new electronic materials and the D-NB-A molecular system has a suitable small energy gap. The results showed that the new D-NB-A molecular system is more reactive in charge transfer processes compared with it is components.

Authors and Affiliations

Hamid. I. Abbood
Department of Physics College of Science Babylon University, Iraq
Khalid Jabbar Mutashar
Department of Physics College of Science Babylon University, Iraq

Donor-NanoBridge-Acceptor Molecular System, energy gap, HOMO, LUMO, B3LYP/DFT Calculations and polarizability

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