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Generation of Electrical Power by Using Magenn Air Rotor System


Mithun Gajbhiye, Jagruti Raut, Sonu Tagwan, Ankit Wadekar, Prof. Sandeep Mude
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In the last decade, several research groups and companies around the world have been developing a new class of wind generators, aimed at harnessing the energy of winds blowing at high elevation above the ground. Most of the energy which flows around the planet as wind isn’t near the ground, or even above the ocean, its way up in the sky where some research suggests constant winds could meet the world’s energy needs and cut the cost of power on that bases an Magenn Air Rotor System(MARS) is design with a rotor supported in the air without a tower, thus benefiting from more mechanical and aerodynamic options, the higher velocity and persistence of wind at high altitudes, while avoiding the expense of tower construction, or the need for yaw mechanism Magenn Air Rotor System(MARS) are devices that effectively extract energy from the air flow, more specifically kinetic energy, and convert it to electricity. Wind is the manifestation of the kinetic energy present in the atmosphere. An electrical generator is mounted on the magenn air rotor & transferring generated power back to earth through the cable.

Mithun Gajbhiye, Jagruti Raut, Sonu Tagwan, Ankit Wadekar, Prof. Sandeep Mude

Magenn, Aerodynamic, Magnus, Air Rotor , Magenn Air Rotor System

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Published in : Volume 1 | Issue 5 | September-October - 2015
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2015-10-25 2395-1990 2394-4099
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239-243 IJSRSET151549   Technoscience Academy

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