Environmental Auditing

Authors(1) :-Dafedar Abdus Salam Bakhtiyar Ahmed

The environmental audit help in pollution control. Improved production safety and health and conservation of natural resources and hence its overall objective can be stated as achieving sustainable development. However for conducting environmental audit objectives are to be defined clearly or else the audit procedure will be subject to varying interpretations which may yield and contribute to differences in approach thereby influencing the end results. The objectives of environmental audit in an industry are (i) to determine the mass balance of various materials used and the performance of various process equipment so as to identify usage of materials in excess than required. To review the conversion efficiencies of process equipment and accordingly fix up norms for equipment/operation performance and minimization of the wastes. (ii) (a) To identify the areas of water usage and wastewater generation and determine the characteristics of wastewater..[3]

Authors and Affiliations

Dafedar Abdus Salam Bakhtiyar Ahmed
Department of Civil Engineering, Bharat Ratna Indira Ganghi College of Engineering Solapur, Maharashtra, India

Environmental Audit, Audit Team, Field Observations, Synthesis of Data, ETP

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