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Evaluating the Prospects and Challenges of Sustainable Housing on National Development in Nigeria


Adams Ndalai Baba, Mercy Inikpi Achoba, Oludayo Tokunbo Otaro
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The paper presents an assessment of the prospects and challenges of sustainable housing provision in Nigeria using the novel Holistic Sustainability Approach (HSA). The HSA can be used to identify, examine and address the challenges and challenges of sustainable housing development in Nigeria based on the core tenets of sustainability; society, economy and environment and the twin concepts of needs and limitation. The study identified that the numerous challenges facing housing provision in Nigeria are largely due to poverty, redundant housing policies and financial bottlenecks. Others include high cost of building materials, lack of financial instrument for building construction projects as well as the palpable lack of innovative building technologies. This is in addition to uncontrolled development, poor maintenance culture and social infrastructure. Despite of these challenges, the authors posit sustainable housing provision has numerous prospects for the future. Consequently, effective provision of housing in Nigeria will spur sustainable socio-economic leading to enhanced well-being of the society. This will spur a ripple effect in long term socio-economic development of the nationís human capital. Furthermore, it will provide job prospects, disposable income, and improved standards of living, reduce greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions and improve affordability and overall life span cycle of buildings in the country.

Adams Ndalai Baba, Mercy Inikpi Achoba, Oludayo Tokunbo Otaro

Sustainability, Housing, National, Development, Nigeria.

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Published in : Volume 1 | Issue 5 | September-October - 2015
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