Development of the Idea of Design By Class Box Approach In The Architectural Design Projects

Authors(1) :-Dr. Maysoon Muhi Hilal

There are two approaches are used in the architectural design: the first intuitively based on personal experience and intuition. the second-oriented rational, and supports this approach on the premise is that the control of the design process provides the potential to control the results .Current search Put the following hypothesis (that the changing of concept of design is affected by using architectural design approach) by setting a clear goal for the search is that the practice of architectural design in the Iraqi architectural school curriculum affects directly proportional impact on the development of the idea of design for students users of this approaches sampling of projects have been taken from students in the second stage for the two projects in the Department of Architecture in one of Iraqi university by using three steps of cognitive development (knowledge - formations (Compositions, analysis) to extract the results .

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. Maysoon Muhi Hilal
Department of Architecture, Samarra University, Samarra, Iraq

Class Box, Architectural Approach, The Design Concept, Thinking

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