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Profile based Concurrent Data Download, Cloud- Data Sharing and Load Balancing


M. Gayathri, K. Jayanth, S. Gubendhirapandian, P. Ashokkumar
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In the EXISTING SYSTEM each processing node will partition a data set independently. There is no data sharing. In the PROPOSED SYSTEM, we are developing Two Techniques namely Data Download & Data Sharing. In Data Download Model, Priority based Retrieval is achieved based on the Query. The requested data is downloaded from different Servers as the Data are partitioned. In Data sharing, the data are divided into different chunks and stored as threads in the partition matrix. From the partition matrix the data will be retrieved for the read/write purpose without overlapping. The MODIFICATION part of the project is to implement Real Time Cloud (Drop Box) along with load balancing &Automatic and Continuous Data retrieval. Data sharing and download is achieved as said in proposed system, except data is encrypted using AES. Data is partitioned into different sub cloud servers (SCS). For Example ‘DO’ Splits the File into 8 Parts, and starts uploading to the Cloud. During uploading Process, a High Priority user sends File request to the Cloud then Cloud will Start Transmitting the Data even before entire content is stored in the cloud. We implement Load Monitoring system among SCS.

M. Gayathri, K. Jayanth, S. Gubendhirapandian, P. Ashokkumar

Cloud Deployment Module, Priority based Profile Filtering Module, Data Encryption and Chunking Module, Drop box Setup Module, Concurrent Data Transfer Module, Load Balancing and Data Delivery Module


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Published in : Volume 1 | Issue 2 | March-April - 2015
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2015-04-25 2395-1990 2394-4099
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254-258 IJSRSET152279   Technoscience Academy

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