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An Overview of Disarray in Vibration Analysis of Cracked Rectangular Cantilever Beam


Supriya D. Sankpal, Arun V. Bhosale
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A beam is an elongated member, usually slender, intended to resist lateral loads by bending. These beam-like structures are typically subjected to dynamic loads. Therefore, the vibration of beams is of particular interest to the engineer. This paper tries to focus on previous study of the vibration analysis of cracked cantilever beam subjected to free and harmonic excitation at the base. The objective of the paper is to identify the effect of nonlinearities namely material, geometric, and damping on the natural frequency and mode shapes of cracked cantilever beam by theoretical, numerical and experimental methods and also to study method of experimentation.

Supriya D. Sankpal, Arun V. Bhosale

Cracked Cantilever Beam, Damping, Geometric and Natural frequency.

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 1 | January-Febuary - 2016
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2016-02-01 2395-1990 2394-4099
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224-228 IJSRSET162152   Technoscience Academy

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