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A Survey on Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks


Deepak singh Rajput, Nitesh Kumar Singh
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In recent years, the applications based on the Wireless Sensor Networks are growing very fast. The application areas include agriculture, healthcare, military, hospitality management, mobiles and many others. So these networks are very important for us and the security of the network from the various attacks is also a more important issue in WSN application now days. Stopping these attacks or enhancing the security of the WSN system various intrusion detection policies are developed till date to detect the node/s that is/are not working normally. Out of various detection techniques three major categories explored in this paper are Anomaly detection, Misuse detection and Specification- based detection. Here in this review paper various attacks on Wireless Sensor Networks and existing Intrusion detection techniques are discussed to detect the compromised node/s. The paper also provides a brief discussion about the characteristics of the Wireless Sensor Networks and the classification of attacks.

Deepak singh Rajput, Nitesh Kumar Singh

Attacks, Intrusion detection, Intrusion detection techniques, Wireless sensor networks (WSN)

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 1 | January-Febuary - 2016
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2016-02-29 2395-1990 2394-4099
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459-468 IJSRSET162190   Technoscience Academy

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