Sharing of Images in Content Sharing Sites Based On User Profile Inferences

Authors(2) :-S. Pavithra, K. Saranya

Usage of social media are increased considerably in today world it enables the user to share images with one another. Sharing the images may leads to performance violation. Web mining is use of data mining technique to discover and extract the information from the web. Web content mining is the extraction and integration of data, information and knowledge from web page. In the web, one can mine the images and find association between various images. Privacy techniques needed to adapt in order to improve the satisfaction level of user, by means of automated privacy policy generation. Adaptive Privacy Policy Prediction system helps the user to compose customized privacy settings. A Two level framework is proposed with Speeded Up Robust Feature for identifying the feature points of an images, by demonstrating in MATLAB tool. The region of selected points is an effective method for identifying the extracted features in the images based on the image feature extraction.

Authors and Affiliations

S. Pavithra
P. A. College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
K. Saranya
P. A. College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Adaptive Privacy Policy Prediction, Scale Invariant Feature Transform, Speeded Up Robust Feature

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Publication Details

Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 2 | March-April 2016
Date of Publication : 2017-12-31
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Page(s) : 702-708
Manuscript Number : IJSRSET1622106
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

Print ISSN : 2395-1990, Online ISSN : 2394-4099

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S. Pavithra, K. Saranya, " Sharing of Images in Content Sharing Sites Based On User Profile Inferences, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJSRSET), Print ISSN : 2395-1990, Online ISSN : 2394-4099, Volume 2, Issue 2, pp.702-708, March-April-2016.
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