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A Novel Approach for Scalable and Efficient Case Recommender System for E-Shoppers


Saraswathi M, Abhinav Prabhu A, Deepak Jain S, Jayaprakash J
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Big-Data Computing is a new critical challenge for the ICT industry. Engineers and researchers are dealing with data sets of petabyte scale in the cloud computing paradigm. Thus the demand for building a service stack to distribute, manage and process massive data sets has risen drastically. In this paper, we investigate the Big Data Broadcasting problem for a single source node to broadcast a big chunk of data to a set of nodes with the objective of minimizing the maximum completion time. These nodes may locate in the same datacenter or across geo-distributed datacenters. This problem is one of the fundamental problems in distributed computing and is known to be NP-hard in heterogeneous environments. We model the Big-data broadcasting problem into a LockStep Broadcast Tree (LSBT) problem. The main idea of the LSBT model is to define a basic unit of upload bandwidth, r, such that a node with capacity c broadcasts data to a set of ⌊c=r⌋ children at the rate r. Note that r is a parameter to be optimized as part of the LSBT problem. We further divide the broadcast data into m chunks. These data chunks can then be broadcast down the LSBT in a pipeline manner. In a homogeneous network environment in which each node has the same upload capacity c, we show that the optimal uplink rate r of LSBT is either c=2 or c=3, whichever gives the smaller maximum completion time. For heterogeneous environments, we present an O(nlog2n) algorithm to select an optimal uplink rate r and to construct an optimal LSBT. Numerical results show that our approach performs well with less maximum completion time and lower computational complexity than other efficient solutions in literature.

Saraswathi M, Abhinav Prabhu A, Deepak Jain S, Jayaprakash J

Scalable and Efficient precise system , Web application building and broadcasting, Gateway application over TSV data, Web Crawling and Map reduction, recommendation of products.

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 2 | March-April - 2016
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2016-04-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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524-527 IJSRSET1622156   Technoscience Academy

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