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Motorized Operated Multi Spindle Spanner


Vikas Lonkar, Sagar Patil, Abhijit Mahadik, Chanchal Pawar
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Motor operated multi spindle spanner is a kit to reduce the effort and time in replacing the wheels of the vehicle. The plurality of lug nuts can be removed at one time with the usage of an electric motor. The planetary shafts are arranged exactly in the pitch circle position of the lug nuts. This kit can be used to remove four numbers of lug nuts and pitch circle diameter is 100 mm. But the design of gear varies according to the certain parameters like number of lug nuts, pitch circle diameter and the drive used. The torque wrench or manual operated spanners are the instruments, which are widely used to remove the nuts from the bolts. Torque wrench helps in setting required torque. The multi nut remover is most widely used in formula one racing and automobile area for quickly removing and tighten nut. Removing a wheel and replacing with other one requires wrench or spanner. The spanner can be used to remove or tighten the nuts from bolts of the wheel. But this spanner can remove only one nut at a time. In case, to reduce time requires removing the wheel, like puncture center, it will be time consuming to remove nuts one by one. In those cases, Multi Nut Remover will be more useful. The torque, which is needed to apply to remove one nut, can be used to remove all nuts using planetary gear arrangement. This will reduce time consumed in replacing the wheel. If we consider a four wheeler removing and replacing the car wheel is a very frequent job performed by the worker. Normally each of the four nuts is removed or tightened individually one by one applying the spanner. But with the help of the equipment developed we can loosen or tight all four nut at a time and at the motor operated Spanner.

Vikas Lonkar, Sagar Patil, Abhijit Mahadik, Chanchal Pawar

Spindle Spanner, Planetary Shafts, Motor, Gear

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 2 | March-April - 2016
Date of Publication Print ISSN Online ISSN
2016-04-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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721-723 IJSRSET1622217   Technoscience Academy

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