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Smart Garbage Alert System


Sankar. A, Vimal Kumar. K, Vinoj Varma. S, Dr. N. Sathish Kumar
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Cleaning the dustbin is an important process which has to be done at regular basis but due to the inconsistency in the filling of waste, sometimes it gets overflowed even before the next cleaning process arrives. It is also observed that the garbage gets accumulated due to irregular removal of garbage present in the dustbin. Here we have figured out a new model for the municipal dustbins which intimates the Centre of municipality for immediate cleaning of dustbin with proper verification. It detects the garbage level in the dustbin using ultrasonic sensor and sends the alert to the server once when the garbage gets filled. After cleaning the dustbin, the driver needs to confirm his work using RFID Tag. RFID reader reads the Tag and checks the level of the dustbin and sends the status of cleaning to the server confirming the work done. The objective of the project was to develop an intelligent alerting system for proper management of garbage. With the objective keeping in front, a micro-controller based embedded system integrated with RFID and IoT technology is developed in this project. A municipal authority can use this type of system and monitor the waste collection status in real time and measure the performance of the team. An Android application is developed and interfaced with a web server to intimate the alerts to the municipality and to perform the remote monitoring of the cleaning process, done by the workers, thereby reducing the manual process of monitoring and verification.

Sankar. A, Vimal Kumar. K, Vinoj Varma. S, Dr. N. Sathish Kumar

Ultrasonic sensor, RFID, IoT, Smart system, ArduinoUNO, ThingSpeak

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 2 | March-April - 2016
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2016-04-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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858-864 IJSRSET1622264   Technoscience Academy

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