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Performance Analysis of Flagged BCD Adder and Pipelined BCD Adder


Ullas. S. S, S .S. Ravishankar
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BCD Adder is the fundamental adder we learn in logic design and any basic electronics lab. Conventional BCD Adder what we generally know is not feasible for higher bits as they require more area and as they have more propagation delay for higher bit extension. For higher level application BCD design we require more efficient basic BCD block. So in this paper we proposed 2 types of BCD adders namely flagged BCD adder and pipelined BCD adder which will overcome the disadvantages of previous design and in this we will analysis the performance of all these BCD adders in terms of speed, power, area using Xilinx 14.5 and we used Verilog language for coding purpose.

Ullas. S. S, S .S. Ravishankar

BCD adders, Parallel Adders, Pipelining Adder, Computer Arithmetic, Power, Delay

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 2 | March-April - 2016
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2016-04-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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790-794 IJSRSET1622268   Technoscience Academy

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