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Transaction Security Using Steganography and Visual Cryptography


Choudhari Amar, Shaikh Sultanhusen, Ghadge Vashista, Prof. Sonawane V. D.
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The usage of Internet banking has grown in leaps and bounds because of its appliance. The privacy and Information confidentiality is one of the richest invades to the users of OnlineBanking Systems. The issue with Online banking applications is that they need to send the confidential contents such as Personal Identification Number (PIN), One Time Password (OTP) to the targeting customers in the form of plaintext, which is insecure. The solvent to the above consequences requires a softwareČ application that holds proficient encryption procedures. Toimprove the security of the content that is transmitted over the internet, the proposed technique introduce a Dual Enciphering Mechanism (DEM) which includes more than one cryptographicscheme for cipher text creation, which assures the secured transmission over the network environment and the application is developed in Java language as a secured dual encipheringintrigue (SDEI). In this nominated overture the confidential banking content such as personal identification number (PIN) is enciphered using Huffmann compression technique, which inturn subjected to symmetric encryption procedure and the key for the compression scheme is taken in the form of image, which is then transmitted in the form of image shares using the idea ofvisual cryptography. The content at the receiver end is submitted to deciphering process, which needs the symmetric crypto scheme key to get the intermediate code which in turn needs theimage shares to regenerate the original plain text. Hence through the proposed scheme the security issues such as 'meet in the middle attacks' and 'anonymous hacking' would be reduced and from the experimental results it is identified that the proposed is known as enciphering or encryption and the unreadable format is said to be as cipher text or ciphers.

Choudhari Amar, Shaikh Sultanhusen, Ghadge Vashista, Prof. Sonawane V. D.

Internet Banking, Huffmann Coding, Decryption, Double Encryption, Visual Cryptography

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 3 | May-June - 2016
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2016-06-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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183-187 IJSRSET1622410   Technoscience Academy

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