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Study of U-turn Followed by Left Turn Scheme as a New Concept of Signalized Intersection : Case Study of Ahmedabad City


Parth M. Pande, Prof. Srinath Karli
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Today's transportation experts are tested to meet the portability needs of an expanding populace with restricted assets. At numerous parkway intersections, blockage keeps on compounding. Drivers, walkers, and bicyclists encounter longer postpones and more noteworthy introduction to hazard. Today's movement and wellbeing issues are more unpredictable and confused. Conventional intersections are in some cases observed to be deficient to moderate transportation issues. Thusly, numerous transport engineers are researching and executing inventive medications trying to realize totally new possibilities. This study covers U-turn Followed by Left Turn (UTLT) outline that may offer extra advantages contrasted with ordinary at-evaluation intersection. In this presented case study of Ahmedabad city where UTLT scheme implemented as an alternative to four arm signalized intersection. This paper data introduces learning of alternative intersection including geometric configuration highlights, operational and security issues, access administration issues, expenses, and development sequencing and relevance.

Parth M. Pande, Prof. Srinath Karli

Median U-turn, Right Turn, Alternative Intersection, Weaving, Signalized Intersection

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 3 | May-June - 2016
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2016-06-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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600-605 IJSRSET1623151   Technoscience Academy

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