Correlation between Levels of Serum Antioxidants and Numerous Hormones in Primary Infertility of Women

Authors(3) :-Sundus Majeed Hamza, Saheb Jumaa Abd-alrahman, Saleh Muhammad Raheem

The aim of this study was to evaluate serum antioxidants and reproductive hormones levels in primary infertile women, and to reveal the correlation between them. A total of 120 infertile women with different etiologies and 45 fertile women as a control were investigated. For all women, the levels of LH, FSH, TSH, prolactin, E2, progesterone, anti-mullerian hormone, inhibin B and leptin were estimated. As well as the levels of serum SOD activity, TAC and GSH concentration were estimated. The current results were revealed that the levels of LH and FSH, TSH, progesterone and leptin were non- significantly increased, while there was a significant increase in prolactin and E2 levels and a significant decrease in anti-mullerian hormone, inhibin B, TAC, SOD and GSH levels in infertile group as compared with fertile group. There was a positive correlation between SOD and AMH (r= 0.231) and inhibin B (r= 0.364) and negative correlation with E2 (r= -0.269). TAC exhibited a positive correlation with inhibin B (r= 0.368) and negative correlation with FSH (r= -0.244). GSH had a positive correlation with AMH (r= 0.274) and inhibin B (r= 0.223). In conclusion, serum antioxidants levels were positively affect on anti-mullerian hormone and inhibin B levels in serum of women with primary infertility and serum inhibin B is a good diagnostic marker for antioxidants imbalance in women with primary infertility.

Authors and Affiliations

Sundus Majeed Hamza
Biology Department, Garmian University, Iraq
Saheb Jumaa Abd-alrahman
Biology Department, Tikrit University, Iraq
Saleh Muhammad Raheem
Biology Department, Tikrit University, Iraq

Super oxide dismutase, Total Antioxidant Capacity, Inhibin B, Anti-Mullerian Hormone and Infertility

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