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Analysis of a Tyre on Different Treads at Same Pressure and Load under Static Conditions


Ankur Singhal, M. S. Khidiya, Divya Gautam, Sukhdeep Meena, Kapil Gahlot
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The Tyre tread pattern can be described as the systematic mesh of blocks, grooves and spaces, moles and channels drawn into the tread to improve its grip on the road. Tread is the topmost layer of any tyre which contacts on the road and it has itscontribution towards mileage, traction, low noise and heat built up properties. It would be meaningful to conduct an stretched analysis on the tyre tread blocks for to evaluate its working in static condition to predict its performance and wear of tread block in on-road condition. The Finite Element software Ansys is used forthe analysis of the tread block and its behavior was studied on road as contact surfaces. The tread block is modeled in two different shapes and analyzed. The deformation stress strain characteristic of tyre is studied which will be useful in deciding the contact behavior, stresses and strains on tyre and its corresponding parts. The regular and the mixed type geometry show a distinguished variation in the analysis. The static stiffness and deformed shape was analyzed in this study and it has its owneffect in tyre design. The analysis of tyre geometric shape would be vital in tread pattern optimization as well as to know various stresses and failure in a tyre. In this analysis strain calculated on different tread patterns in static condition.

Ankur Singhal, M. S. Khidiya, Divya Gautam, Sukhdeep Meena, Kapil Gahlot

Tread Pattern, Static, Geometric Shape

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 3 | May-June - 2016
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2016-06-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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653-657 IJSRSET1623187   Technoscience Academy

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