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Performance Enhancement of Wireless Communication System using MTC over CTC with Improved BER


Sanskriti Bhardwaj, Dr. Sumit Sangwan
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This research paper presents the comparison of BER for CTC, LCHTC and ILCHTC in wireless communication channel. It is observed that ILCHTC shows better error convergence over LCHTC. Also, in term of BER performance, ILCHTC is better than LCHTC. Error rate convergence of rate R=1/3 CTC is best out of the research. CTC shows better error convergence than the MTC but decoder complexity of CTC is more than that of MTC. BER is nearly constant up to Eb/N0 =1.28dB for MTC and there is a difference of nearly 10-3 in BER for rate R=1/3 CTC and MTC.

Sanskriti Bhardwaj, Dr. Sumit Sangwan


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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 3 | May-June - 2016
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2016-06-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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850-852 IJSRSET1623240   Technoscience Academy

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