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Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive Based on SPWM Using PI Controller


Sarma Sunilkumar M. , Ami T Patel
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The induction motors were characterized by complex, highly non-linear and time-varying dynamics, and hence their speed control is a challenging problem in the industry. The advent of vector control techniques has solved induction motor control problems. The vector control analysis of an induction motor allows the decoupled analysis where the torque and the flux components can be independently controlled (just as in dc motor). This makes the analysis easier than the per phase equivalent circuit.. In recent years, the field oriented control of induction motor drive is widely used in high performance drive system. It is due to its unique characteristics like high efficiency, good power factor and extremely rugged. This paper presents simulation of SPWM based speed control of induction motor drive by means of PI controller using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Sarma Sunilkumar M. , Ami T Patel

Induction motor, SPWM Based control, MATLAB, speed control, modeling, field oriented control and PI controller

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 3 | May-June - 2016
Date of Publication Print ISSN Online ISSN
2016-06-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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162-164 IJSRSET162344   Technoscience Academy

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