Modification of Friction Knots Work Surfaces on the Basis of Microarc Oxidation Method

Authors(1) :-Vladimir Malyshev

Microarc oxidation (MAO) method also called as plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) has a good proven as a way for strengthening working surfaces of parts operating at the friction in many knots of machines and mechanisms. The coatings formed in the mode of anodic-cathode microarc discharges (MAO-coating) have high hardness, strength and good resistance to wear as a pair with many materials, and with itself also, including the conditions with presence of abrasive particles, due to the content significant share of α-Al2O3 in their composition. These pairs can work either with lubrication or without it. Nevertheless, there are many friction surfaces for which a low friction coefficient is very important, because they work under low level of lubrication or without it. These conditions are characteristic, for example, for the pair "ball - seating" of shut-off valves (ball valves), and others. Tribological characteristics of working surfaces, strengthened by MAO, can be significantly improved by subsequent impregnation of coating porous system by the UHMWPE (ul-tra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene), which melts and fills in the porous structure of the coating thus improving the contact geometry. The possibilities of MAO-method can expand also greatly when using the electrolytes-suspensions containing solid particles of different nature which are inserted into the coatings composition within the oxidation process. For wear resistance improving as these solid particles may be used different carbides, oxides, nitrides, borides of metals with different degree of dispersion. Such particles are being built into the crystal lattice of alumina and strengthen the working surface of coating significantly.

Authors and Affiliations

Vladimir Malyshev
Department of Tribology and Repair Technology of Oil and Gas Equipment, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russian Federation, Russia

Anodic-cathode MAO, Friction coefficient, UHMW polyethylene, Wear behavior, Electrolytes-suspensions

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