Springback Prediction And Its Influencing Parameters - Review

Authors(2) :-Sumit A. Paithankar, Prof. B. V. Varade

Most widely operation on the sheet metal is sheet metal Bending process. Occurrence of springback during the manufacturing of the bending products is seen most of the time. The deviation of the component part dimensions from its tool dimension after the forming process is known as the springback phenomenon. This sringback causes deviation of the dimension from the desired dimension causes rejection in the production. To reduce this rejection of the part and to make the part acceptable there is need to know the springback phenomenon for that part. To reduce or investigate the springback phenomenon the trial and error method is widely used in industrial practice. This trial and error is also known as geometrical compensation method & it required many trials causes increase in cost to develop the tool dimensions. Hence there is need to predict the springback effect for the component in tool design process. This paper is based on review of the various researches on the springback phenomenon its influencing parameters. In this paper the review of the previous researches on springback prediction and its influencing parameters is carried out. The research gap is concluded within the reviewed papers.

Authors and Affiliations

Sumit A. Paithankar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.H.S.C.O.E., Nasik, Maharashtra, India
Prof. B. V. Varade
Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.H.S.C.O.E., Nasik, Maharashtra, India

Springback, Bend Angle, Sheet thickness, Regression analysis, FEA

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