Study of Drinking Water Quality Supplied At Major Railway Stations in South Gujarat

Authors(5) :-Jay G. Patel, Kuldip B. Patel, Jignesh M.Vasava, Mihir D. Ganvit, Nirav A. Chaudhari

Water is the basic necessity of any living species on the earth. We even can’t imagine our life without unavailability of water in our daily routine. Our body contains 70% of water inside it and it plays a crucial role to make our body healthy and workable. But the public places like railway stations, bus stations, public parks, etc. the water facility is not proper and not fit for drinking purpose. A study was carried out to evaluate the quality of drinking water supplied at major railway stations in south Gujarat. Water sample were connected from the tap water sources making at total of 2 sampling points of south Gujarat railway station. There were Bharuch , surat , valsad and vyara railway stations.Two set of sample collected ,which is one during monsoon and other one is after the monsoon where taken from each sampling point.Four physiochemical parameters [pH, colour, turbility, hardeness] and bacteriological parameters where tested for each sample and value compared with WHO guideline for drinking water. Analysis will carried out and suitable measure will take to make drinking water source free from pollution.

Authors and Affiliations

Jay G. Patel
Civil Engineering Department, Government Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat, India
Kuldip B. Patel
Civil Engineering Department, Government Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat, India
Jignesh M.Vasava
Civil Engineering Department, Government Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat, India
Mihir D. Ganvit
Civil Engineering Department, Government Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat, India
Nirav A. Chaudhari
Civil Engineering Department, Government Engineering College, Valsad, Gujarat, India

Water Quality, Physicochemical Characteristics; Bacteriological Characteristics.

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