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Effect of Moisture on Some Physical Properties of Shea (Vitellaria Paradoxa L) Kernels


E. A Seweh, S. Apuri, J. O. Darko, A. Addo, P. A. Asagadunga, S. D. Agyegelone
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Moisture-dependent engineering properties of seeds are important in the design of postharvest equipment for their handling and processing. In this study, the physical properties of shea kernels were determined as a function of moisture content in the range of 6.24 to 25% (d.b.) using standard techniques. The results showed that with increasing moisture content, the major, intermediate, minor, arithmetic mean diameter, geometric mean diameter, sphericity, aspect ratio, true density and porosity all increased non-linearly from 18.33±0.81 to 31.20±1.21, 10.77±1.07 to 22.50±0.87 and 9.33±0.81 to 16.17±1.07mm, 12.81±0.73 to 23.29±1.00mm 12.22±0.81 to 22.40±1.02mm, 66.68±4.10 to 71.79±1.51%, 58.73±5.24 to 70.07±1.51%, 1.04±0.10 to 1.54g/cm3 and 44.67 to 72.37% respectively as moisture content increased from 6.24 to 25%. Surface area, 1000-kernel mass, volume and filling angle of repose all increased linearly from 470.47±61.64 to 1578.53±145.83mm2, 3.63±0.15 to 11.20±0.60kg, 1.46±0.28 to 8.95±0.13cm3 and 35.47 to 40.890 respectively at the same moisture range. Also, static co-efficient of friction on plywood, galvanise steel, stainless steel and glass increased linearly from 0.43±0.01 to 1.78±0.02, 0.37±0.01 to 1.39±0.03, 0.28±0.03 to 1.12±0.01 and 0.21±0.01 to 0.93±0.01 respectively. Finally, bulk density decreased non-linearly from 0.78±0.01 to 0.35±0.06g/cm3. Data was analysed using SPSS (Version 16) and Microsoft Excel (2010) and summarised into means and standard deviations. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was carried out using SPSS (version 16) to assess the variation of each parameter within the moisture range. Differences in the means were compared using Duncan Multiple Range Test (P=0.05). Regression analyses were conducted to establish the relationship between the physical properties of shea kernel and moisture content. Differences in the means of most parameters determined were statistically significant within the moisture range investigated.

E. A Seweh, S. Apuri, J. O. Darko, A. Addo, P. A. Asagadunga, S. D. Agyegelone

Aspect Ratio, Bulk, Repose, Co-Efficient, Density, Moisture, Porosity, Shea Kernel, Sphericity.

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 4 | July-August - 2016
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2016-08-31 2395-1990 2394-4099
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