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Energy consumption on varying nodes of IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol in Adhoc network


Sameeksha Verma, Arpita Singh
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With the popularization of Internet the wireless technologies provide remarkable impact on Internet and Communication Technologies. These technologies have support a technique known as Adhoc Network Ad hoc network is a network formed without any fixed substructure or centralized administration which consists of mobile nodes that are connected via wireless links to send packet data and mobile nodes are free to move randomly in which each node work as a router. Energy Consumption in Wireless technology is one of the main challenges for researchers. Most of the work is done over the MAC layer of network in which different kinds of MAC protocol used by sensor networks. Most commonly used standard is 802.11. Especially energy consumption is most important because all the nodes are battery powered. Failure of one node may affect the entire network. In the previous paper we implemented IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol in Ad-hoc network through various parameters. The approach based on throughput and minimum access delay on varying nodes of IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol. In this paper we evaluate the total energy consumption by each node of IEEE 802.11 protocol which is a standard MAC protocol. The accuracy of the analytical result is verified by ns-2 software tool.

Sameeksha Verma, Arpita Singh

Wireless sensor network (WSN), IEEE 802.11 standard ,NS-2

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 4 | July-August - 2016
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2016-08-31 2395-1990 2394-4099
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860-864 IJSRSET1624222   Technoscience Academy

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