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Development of Thermoelectric Generators for the Waste Heat Recovery


Kaleru Sai Kiran, Dr. V. V. Prathibha Bharathi
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To design and analyse a model that can utilize the waste heat energy from various sources like heat energy obtained the car engines exhaust system and to convert obtained heat energy into electricity for multipurpose use in automobiles. Many considerations have been taken to make this system economical, easy to implement and does not produce any burden on car efficiency or engine efficiency.

The model has been developed to simulate coupled thermal and electrical energy transfer processes in a thermoelectric generator (TEG) designed for automotive waste heat recovery systems. Conventional bismuth telluride is considered for thermoelectric modules (TEMs) for conversion of waste heat from exhaust into usable electrical power.

Heat transfer between the hot exhaust gas and the hot side of the TEMs is enhanced with the use of a plate-fin heat exchanger integrated within the TEG and using forced conventional cooling on the cold side. The TEG is discretized along the exhaust flow direction using a finite-volume method. Detailed results are provided for local and global heat transfer and electric power generation. During the research, thermoelectric device is tested in a variety of configurations with the goal of demonstrating a thermoelectric-powered fan.

Kaleru Sai Kiran, Dr. V. V. Prathibha Bharathi

Thermo-Electric Module, Peltier Effect, Exhaust System, Bismuth Telluride, Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger, Thermoelectric-Powered Fan

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 5 | September-October - 2016
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2016-10-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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97-102 IJSRSET162522   Technoscience Academy

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