Linear static analysis of masonry infilled soft storey RC buildings with and without opening for earthquake resistant design

Authors(2) :-Nusfa Karuvattil, Priyanka Dilip P

Masonry infill walls are mainly used to increase initial stiffness and strength of reinforced concrete (RC) frame buildings .It is mainly considered as a non-structural element. In many cities of India, it is very common to leave the first storey of masonry infilled reinforcement concrete (RC) frame building open preliminary to generate parking space or any other purposes (Ex-Reception lobbies) .This Open First storey is also termed as "Soft Storey". The upper storeys have brick infilled wall panels with various opening percentage in it. These types of buildings are highly undesirable in seismically active areas because various vertical irregularities are created in such buildings which have consistently performed very poor behaviour during past earthquake. Therefore it is important to take immediate measures to prevent the indiscriminate use of soft first storeys in buildings, which are designed without regard to the increased displacement and force demands in the first storey columns. The current study investigates the seismic response of reinforced concrete moment resisting-frame multi-story buildings with soft storey or open storey located at different levels with and without opening and designed according to the IS code. Building models are bare frame, infilled frame with soft storey at GL, FF and TF and infilled frame with soft storey at three different levels along with 10% and 30% centre and corner openings. Infill panel effect is induced in the structure by using Equivalent Diagonal strut method. This research made an attempt to strengthen the soft storey by different methods. Thus linear static analysis is to be carried out on the models by using computer software ETABS from which different parameters are computed.

Authors and Affiliations

Nusfa Karuvattil
Student, Department of Civil Engineering, AWH engineering College, Calicut, Kerala, India
Priyanka Dilip P
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, AWH engineering College, Calicut, Kerala, India

Masonry infill, SS (Soft storey), Moment Resisting frame, linear static analysis, Equivalent Diagonal strut

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Date of Publication : 2016-10-30
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