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An Appraisal of the Performance of Caring Heart Mega Primary School Projects in Ondo State, Nigeria


O.W. Igboroodowo, A. F. Lawal, H. I. Babalola
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This study appraised the performance of Caring Heart Mega Primary School projects, in terms of budget, time and quality, executed by the Ondo state government, if they were achieved. It also analyzed factors responsible for the budget overrun/under-run recorded on the project; and the causes of delay (if any) on the project delivery. Frequency, Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, Relative Importance Index (RII) and Severity Index (SI) were used for the descriptive data, while Chi-Square test was used for the inferential analyses to achieve the stated research objectives and test the hypotheses. The findings show that the majority of the respondents held the view that Ondo State Caring Heart Mega Primary School Project achieved the stakeholder’s goals and objectives in terms of quality but did not finish on time and were completed at a cost higher than the originally envisaged contract cost. Respondents indicated that wrong method of estimation/inaccurate estimation of original cost (Mean = 4.58); additional work (Mean = 4.05); unforeseen site condition (Mean = 4.02); cost of materials (Mean = 3.91); poor contract management (Mean = 3.89); improper planning (Mean = 3.73); poor site management and supervision (Mean = 3.69); shortage of technical, managerial and supervisory personnel (Mean = 3.60); and unrealistic contract durations imposed by client (Mean = 3.61) contributed largely to the project delay and budget overrun. Furthermore, this study found that effect of weather (p = 0.000; < 0.05), fraudulent practices (p = 0.000; < 0.05), frequent design changes (p = 0.000; < 0.05), high cost of labour (p = 0.000; < 0.05), inadequate production of raw materials locally (p = 0.000; < 0.05), lack of communication (p = 0.000; < 0.05) among others contributed in one way or the other to budget overrun of the Caring Heart Mega Primary School Project except government policies (p = 0.226; > 0.05).

O.W. Igboroodowo, A. F. Lawal, H. I. Babalola

Caring Heart Mega Primary School, Project, Pre Industrial Society, Risk Management, Human Problems.

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 1 | January-February - 2017
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2017-04-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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238-243 IJSRSET162584   Technoscience Academy

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