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Toxic Gas Suppressor Using IOT


Boobalan G, Guru MS, Ramya M, Vishalini G
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Nowadays, pollution has become a greatest threat in the world. In old age culture the cause for pollution was very less compared to the present Digital Era. The major cause for the increase of pollution in 20th century is due urbanization and a sudden hike for vehicles which replaced bicycle and horse saw cars and on the other hand industries also have their part in polluting the air and water, which cause great impact on human health. Studies show that health related issues like neurological system, stress disorder, respiratory tract are all caused due to the presence of toxic gas in the atmosphere. In rural areas the toxic gases are produced due to the improper disposal of water and human waste, collected in gutters whereas in urban its due to the electronic wastes, deforestation and industries. The burning of coal in Thermal power plants and mixing of chemicals in textile industries produce poisonous gases which are not safe for living organisms. This reminds us about the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984, where many died due to the increase in release of toxic gases and it also affected the public causing severe change in climate. To overcome these problems and avoid the fatal rating our paper toxic gas suppressor using IOT, with buzzer helps us to prevent such disasters by giving an alert at the initial stage.

Boobalan G, Guru MS, Ramya M, Vishalini G

Bhopal Disaster, Climate Change, Health Disorder, Suppressor, IOT, Toxic Gas-Buzzer

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 5 | September-October - 2016
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2016-10-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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394-397 IJSRSET162594   Technoscience Academy

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