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Market Entry Heterogeneity among FDI's in Ghana : A Literature Review


Chen Lizhen, Stephany Abokzele Adongo, Hu Xuhua, Henry Asante Antwi
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The entry methods employed by international retailers have developed as a core theme in international retail marketing research. Largely the reason which is assigned for this development is related to the growing exploit of contemporary entrepreneurs who are seeking the most effective yet cost effective method of entry into the retail market of other countries. The choice of market entry may largely influenced the success or failure of an organisation in a new market, The history of industry is littered with the corpses of several major organisations that failed to make any meaning strides in other markets owing to poor market entry strategy. The focus of the paper is to conduct a comprehensive and critical literature review of research in this area highlighting key areas of research development. Prominence is given to the strengths and the weaknesses of each of the market entry models and the factors that must guide the selection of a particular market entry strategy.

Chen Lizhen, Stephany Abokzele Adongo, Hu Xuhua, Henry Asante Antwi

IKEA, Marketing Research, Peculiar Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural And Technological Environment, MTS

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 6 | November-December - 2016
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2016-12-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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429-436 IJSRSET1626107   Technoscience Academy

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