Attenuation of two Field Isolates of Theileria Annulata and their Potential as Vaccine Candidates against Tropical Theileriosis in the Sudan

Authors(4) :-Sharieff O.E., Hassan S.M., Salih D. A., El Hussein A.M.

Two Theileria annulata schizont infected cell lines (Atbara and Hantoub) isolated from the field in Sudan were serially passaged in vitro. Testing of the cell lines at passage levels 90 and 75 for Atbara and Hantoub isolates respectively demonstrated that they were attenuated when inoculated subcutaneously into 10 naïve susceptible calves (five animals for each strain) at a dose rate of 2x106 cells per animal, while five animals were kept as uninoculated control group. Only mild thermal reactions were observed and neither piroplasms nor schizonts were detectable in the inoculated animals. When exposed to natural challenge in an area highly endemic for tropical theileriosis, all animals expressed typical acute tropical theileriosis clinical symptoms. However, only two (33%) of six inoculated animals, exposed to natural challenge, died while all the five (100%) non-inoculated control animals died indicating the potential of the two cell lines as candidate vaccines against tropical theileriosis.

Authors and Affiliations

Sharieff O.E.
Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, P.O. Box 8067, Al Amarat, Khartoum, Sudan
Hassan S.M.
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Khartoum P.O. Box 32, Khartoum North, Sudan
Salih D. A.
Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, P.O. Box 8067, Al Amarat, Khartoum, Sudan
El Hussein A.M.
Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, P.O. Box 8067, Al Amarat, Khartoum, Sudan

Atbara; Cell Line; Hantoub; Sudan; Theileria Annulata; Vaccine


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