Design and Simulation of Bimorph Piezoactuated Micro Blower

Authors(3) :-Konduru Venkata Gopinadh, P. Mariya Kumar, K. Velmurugan

Advances in the field of avionics have resulted in a significant increase in density Integration, clock rates, and emerging trend of miniaturization of modern electronics. This resulted in dissipation of high heat flux at the chip level. In order to satisfy the junction temperature requirements in terms of performance and reliability, improvements in cooling technologies is required. As a result thermal management is becoming important and increasingly critical to the avionics industry. The task of maintaining acceptable junction temperature by dissipating the heat from the integrated circuit chips is a significant challenge to the thermal engineers. Air cooling is the simplest and principal method of thermal control of avionic systems. Low-power electronic systems are conveniently cooled by natural convection and radiation. When natural convection is not adequate, the forced convection is adopted by a fan or blower to blow the air through the enclosure that houses the avionic components. But, most of the avionic systems must be air tight or sealed, to survive harsh environment, shock load, high vibration, acoustics and EMI/EMC problems. Along with the above concerns, the issue of weight adds to the complexities of thermal management.To overcome above problems, a piezoelectric micro blower, which have large air discharge, has to be designed. This micro blower is an ultra-compact piezoelectric device that is thin enough to be installed in the gaps found in densely packed avionics and develops a high enough pressure to generate sufficient flow rate. The project work deals with the design and analysis of a piezoelectric micro blower. CFD is performed for the flow analysis of a blower.

Bimorph Piezoactuated, EMI/EMC, CFD, Integrated Circuits, LSI, CFD, PZT, ALE

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Published in : Volume 2 | Issue 6 | November-December 2016
Date of Publication : 2016-12-05
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