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A Comprehensive Clinical Decision Support Application Software for dose Optimisation Procedure in CT


Issahaku Shirazu, Y. B. Mensa, Cyril Schandorf, S. Y. Mensah
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CT images are the most common imaging modality after conventional X-ray imaging. There are used in order to determine organ position, location and size in relation to treatment area for treatment planning and for diagnoses of diseases. The general aims of the study is to design a comprehensive clinical decision support application software for patients' dose optimization. The design of the GUI involve the use of mathematical modeling procedure where the modeled equations reduces the data from empirical measurements to real clinical application process for implementation. The final component of the modeling process is the GUI applications. This was done in two different process and procedures. The first was the coding process where a software was developed with written C++ code and integrated on the data capturing application platform for clinical application. The second was the visual indicators where the shape and size were modeled to represent the variation in age and gender that exist between the various model equations. The GUI are then used by radiographers to predict and plan the choice of input parameters for effective managements of doses to patient undergoing abdominal CT examination. Finally, a GUI and CAD models were designed to adequately reflect the comfortable working process of all the mathematical model equations. Reference effective abdominal and renal dose parameters have been established and developed in a data base for clinical application. In addition, the displayed interface on the DICOM interface enable the prediction of CTDI and DLP parameters with known kVp and mAs parameters before imaging.

Issahaku Shirazu, Y. B. Mensa, Cyril Schandorf, S. Y. Mensah

kVp, mAs, Renal Dose, Effective Dose, CTDI, DLP and DICOM


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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 1 | January-February - 2017
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2017-02-28 2395-1990 2394-4099
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466-470 IJSRSET1731107   Technoscience Academy

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