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Solar Power based Wireless Electronic NoticeBoard by Using GSM


Dr. G. Joga Rao, K. Jiten, N. Naveena, D. B. Pavan Kumar, G. Bharat Kumar, D. Bharat
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Now a day’s every advertisement is going to be digital. In Railway stations and bus stands everything that is ticket information etc is digital moving display. As in such case the idea of our project is to develop a moving message display in classrooms to pass any information through a SMS from the mobile phones. We are using the GSM technology to access the display and solar power is used as a source for this project as the energy is stored in battery and the supply is given to the dot matrix display. If the user wants to display some message, he will send the messages in SMS format where the MODEM will receive the message and update the display according to the message. A desired text message from a mobile phone is sent via a Global System for mobile communication (GSM) to the GSM module located at receiving end. The GSM modular is connected to MAX232 Integrated circuit to the AT8051 microcontroller. This research work is developed with Microcontroller from ATMEL. The microcontroller provides all functionality of the display and wireless control.

Dr. G. Joga Rao, K. Jiten, N. Naveena, D. B. Pavan Kumar, G. Bharat Kumar, D. Bharat

AT8051 MICROCONTROLLER, GSM module, DOT-matrix display

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 2 | March-April - 2017
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2017-04-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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444-451 IJSRSET1732131   Technoscience Academy

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