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Design and Fabrication of Super Heater Used In Boiler


Patlola Rajender Reddy, Gaddam Arun Reddy, Doddigarla Prashanth Kumar, S Prasad Kumar
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Super heater is one of the integral part of the boiler. Design of super heater is modified compared to previous super heater to improve steam output . In huge power plants super heater have two stages in between this two stages de-super heater are used. The main function of de-super heater is to control the temperature of the steam by sprinkling the water drops on its outer surface which gets contact to the flue gases . Thus temperature will be controlled without any losses. De-super heater can only be used in large power plants as it occupies huge space and also expensive. In this project according to design procedure , fabrication of damper in super heater chamber is made. Which works manually and acts as de-super heater. Which controls the direction of flue gases. This manual operation comparatively economical and occupies less space than de-super heater. The operation of the damper in super heater chamber is as follows : by inserting the damper in super heater chamber diverts the flue gases as this controls the heat from the flue gases touching the super heater tubes. By opening the damper flue gases are allowed to touch the super heater tubes . By this tube failure is controlled and efficiency of the super heater increases.

Patlola Rajender Reddy, Gaddam Arun Reddy, Doddigarla Prashanth Kumar, S Prasad Kumar

Super Heater, Boiler, Fabricated, Damper Construction, Assembling or welding, MMAW, SMAW

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 2 | March-April - 2017
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2017-04-30 2395-1990 2394-4099
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539-545 IJSRSET1732173   Technoscience Academy

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