Pulse Width Modulation Technique Based FPGA Implementation of Ac Motor Speed Control

Authors(3) :-Sundaram A, Kibru Mesfin Germamo, Bekalu Lakie Yideg

In this paper a pulse width modulation is used to regulate the current sent to the motor. Unlike SCR method which switch at line frequency, PWM controls produce smoother current at higher switching frequencies, typically between 1 kHz to 20 kHz. This consists of a large reservoir capacitor and a H-bridge arrangement of switching elements e.g. thyristors, MOSFET, solid state relays or transistors. This technique is used to control the power to inertial electrical devices, made practical by modern electronic power switches. The advantage of hardware parallelism, FPGAs exceed the computing power of digital signal processors (DSPs) by breaking the paradigm of sequential execution. FPGA technology offers flexibility and rapid prototyping capabilities in the face of increased time-to-market concerns. It enables to test an idea or concept and verify it in hardware without going through the long fabrication process. The cost of making incremental changes to FPGA designs is negligible. The validity of the proposed controller is confirmed through the simulation results. To implement it in the laboratory various parameters like rotor flux, rotor current and operating points, rotor parameter tuning are to be estimated. The proposed speed control system can be useful for the variable speed drive systems.

Authors and Affiliations

Sundaram A
Department of Electrical and computer Engineering, Wolkite University, Ethiopia
Kibru Mesfin Germamo
Department of Electrical and computer Engineering, Wolkite University, Ethiopia
Bekalu Lakie Yideg
Department of Electrical and computer Engineering, Wolkite University, Ethiopia

FPGA Implementation, PWM, SCR, AC Motor Control

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Date of Publication : 2017-04-30
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