Hedrogeological Studies on Wadi El-Farigh Area, West Nile Delta, Egypt

Authors(4) :-Hassan Saleh, Mohamed A. Abdalla, Osama Faruk, Walid Abdallah M

The present study deals will deal with the evaluation of groundwater potentiality by using Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical investigation tools. The area of study is located south of Wadi El-Natron depression, southwest of the Nile Delta and left the Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road. It extends in a WNW-ESE direction for about 90 km with an average width of about 10 km. As calculated by the present author Wadi El-Farigh depression has a catchment area of 1112.5 km2 enclosed between the contours of 120 m above sea level in the south and west and 4 m below sea level in north center part. It lies between latitudes 30º 00' 00" and 30º 30' 00" N and Longitudes 30º 00' 00" to 30º 50' 00", E. The area includes lands belonging to the two governorates of Behira and Giza. The low area of wadi El-Farigh depression is dominated by sand accumulation and rock fragment. The aquifer system is belonging to Moghra (Lower Miocene) and the analyzed water samples of the investigated area show fresh to brackish water. The T.D.S. for the analyzed water samples ranges from 252 ppm to 2572 ppm. The depth to water in Miocene aquifer varies from 49 m at the area close to El Rayah El Naseri to 176.88 m at high topographic areas towards the west. The total salinity of the Miocene aquifer (Moghra aquifer) varies from fresh to slightly brackish water.

Authors and Affiliations

Hassan Saleh
Prof. Hydrogeophysics, Faculty of Science, Al- Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
Mohamed A. Abdalla
Prof. Geophysics, National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Helwan, Egypt
Osama Faruk
Dr. Geophysics, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.
Walid Abdallah M
Assistant Researcher, Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI), El Qanater El Khairiya, Egypt

Groundwater-Aquifer- Nile Delta.

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