A Review of Various Trust Based Models in MANET

Authors(2) :-Prof. Deepak Agrawal, Shradha Singh

(MANETs) Mobile Ad-hoc Networks is a group of mobile nodes that are connected dynamically, in which each node acts as a router to all other nodes. Due to the absence of centralized administration and dynamic nature, MANETs are vulnerable to various kinds of attacks from malicious nodes. Several secure routing protocols like AODV, DSR, TSR, and OLSR have been used in MANET for transmission of data. In MANET, we are using trust based QoS aware routing protocol for identifying the malicious nodes in the network. Trust is mandatory in routing for transmission of data securely. Hence trust models, trust computation is implemented in the routing protocols. In this paper, survey of several trusts based and QoS aware routing protocol is performed. In this review paper, the study of different trust based and QoS aware AODV protocols that are using trusted infrastructure and trust models is performed for preventing the attacks and misbehavior from malicious nodes in the network. The performance of trust based routing protocol has been analyzed that helps to work efficiently and can be used in various applications of MANETs for improving the security performance of the network.

Authors and Affiliations

Prof. Deepak Agrawal
Takshila Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Shradha Singh
Takshila Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

QoS Constraints, Trust prophecy, malicious nodes, and Trust based QoS routing.

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 5 | July-August 2017
Date of Publication : 2017-08-31
License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Page(s) : 418-428
Manuscript Number : IJSRSET1734109
Publisher : Technoscience Academy

Print ISSN : 2395-1990, Online ISSN : 2394-4099

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Prof. Deepak Agrawal, Shradha Singh, " A Review of Various Trust Based Models in MANET, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJSRSET), Print ISSN : 2395-1990, Online ISSN : 2394-4099, Volume 3, Issue 5, pp.418-428, July-August-2017.
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