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Study of Solar Energy Storage in Solar Cooker with Phase Change Materials and Improving its Performance


Dr. J. H. Bhangale
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The crisis of conventional energy sources is one of the major problem in India. The solar energy is pollution free and abundently available renewable energy source. Generally the solar energy is used in applications like solar water heater,solar cookers,solar batteries,solar panels etc. But the main limitatation of using solar energy for solar cooking is that cooking is possible only in sunshine hours.So to made availability of solar energy in off sunshine hours is major problem. To overcome this; the storage system is to be developed with storage modification in solar cooker . This paper discussed the solar cooker with storage system. The solar energy is stored in phase change materials as a latent heat storage. The better model that build’s both traditional heat trapping cum concentrator mechanism. It will have two way supply of heat directly from sun during day time for cooking and from the phase change material during night time. Parabolic dish collector is selected because it gives better solar energy with minimum loss. It reviews relevant issues related with solar cooking using latent heat storage that include cooking pot and concentrating parabolic collector.

Dr. J. H. Bhangale

Latent Heat, Phase Change Material, Solar Cooker, Parabolic Collector

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 6 | September-October - 2017
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2017-10-31 2395-1990 2394-4099
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56-64 IJSRSET1734149   Technoscience Academy

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