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Investigation of Molding Characteristics of Acacia Gum Arabic Grade 1 for Making Green Sand Cores


Zhengwuvi L. B., Hassan M. A., Godi N. Y., Dasin D. Y.
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Investigation of moulding characteristics of Acacia gum arabic grade 1 was carried out. On addition of 0.50-2.50% Acacia gum arabic, the green moulding characteristics such as compression, shear strength, shatter index, compactability, bulk density, permeability number and flowability are in the range of 36.40-53.90 kPa, 0-9.80 kPa, 13.90-38.50%, 20.00-32.00%, 1300.00-1360.00 kg/m3, 112.00-80.00 and 96.60-74.50% respectively. The moulding characteristics show that the compression and shear strengths, shatter index, bulk density and compactability increased with percentage addition of acacia gum arabic, while the permeability number and flowability decreased with percentage addition of the gum. The moulding characteristics of the gum were found to be within accepted standard sand core characteristics. To validate the results, cores were produced with 2% gum arabic and used to produce simple bushings. It was observed that the sand cores were strong enough to withstand the molten metal pressure; they maintained location and collapsed only after molten metal solidification. The bushings were seen to be sound. Thus, acacia gum arabic grade 1 can be used as a binder in green sand core making for non-ferrous metal castings.

Zhengwuvi L. B., Hassan M. A., Godi N. Y., Dasin D. Y.

Acacia Gum Arabic, Characteristics, Green Sand Cores, Investigation, Moulding

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 6 | September-October - 2017
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2017-10-31 2395-1990 2394-4099
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135-141 IJSRSET1734163   Technoscience Academy

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