Evaluation of Different Parameters of IEEE 802.15.4 and Other Short Range Networking Technology

Authors(2) :-Satveer, Bhart Bhushan

Zigbee is a high level communication protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Zigbee 802.15.4 is used to create personal area networks for communication between hand held devices like cell phone or tabs etc, with small, low-power digital radios such as for home automation, medical device data collection. This technology is very suitable for sensor and control devices used in industry as well as home which require slow speed, less power consumption, low-bandwidth needs and wireless connection designed for small scale projects. Zigbee provides Medium access control and physical layer wireless standard. Zigbee operates in the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) over different radio bands i.e. 868 MHz in Europe and 915 MHz in the USA and Australia, 784 MHz in China. It is being used with small transmitters for next generation automated manufacturing in industry, to connect a central computer with other devices in a project allowing a less expensive and longer power supply for communication between devices and central computer.

Authors and Affiliations

VPO Banwala, Tehsile Dabwali, Sirsa, Haryana, India
Bhart Bhushan
Village Gehli, PO Hamidpur, Tehsile Narnaul, Haryana, India

WPAN, Bandwidth, MAC, SEP, CSMA/CA, FFD.

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