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A Study on Employee Absenteeism with Special Reference to Sree Palani Andavar Alloys & Steels


Dr. B. Girimurugan, S.Kavin
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An Ingot is a piece of relatively pure material, usually metal, that is cast into a shape suitable for further processing. In steelmaking, it is the first step among semi-finished casting products. Ingots usually require a second procedure of shaping, such as cold/hot working, cutting, or milling to produce a useful final product. Non-metallic and semiconductor materials prepared in bulk form may also be referred to as ingots, particularly when cast by mould based methods. Precious metal ingots can be used as currency (with or without being processed into other shapes), or as a currency reserve, as with gold bars. Employee absenteeism in the workplace may be indicative of poor morale, but absences can also be caused by workplace hazards or sick building syndrome. The various measures are taken by the company to reduce absenteeism will have immediate impact on the health, physical and mental efficiency, alertness, morale and overall efficiency of the worker and thereby contributing to the higher productivity. The objective of the study was to find out various reasons for employee absenteeism. The design used in the project is descriptive type. The analytical tool used in the survey is garret ranking. From the finding the researcher concluded that the employee absenteeism are decreased in the company, in addition to that the research suggested some ideas to reduce the employee absenteeism in the company. Some of the employee’s suggestions are positive Employer and employee relationship has to be improved to reduce absenteeism due to bullying. Thus, Researcher conclude that Sree palani Andavar alloys & steels is one of the best organizations in providing facilities to employees and have taken up a study on employee absenteeism in SREE PALANI ANADVAR ALLOYS & STEELS. Here, Researcher hopes that this study will be useful to my research and to the industry to reduce absenteeism in the future period.

Dr. B. Girimurugan, S.Kavin

Steelmaking, Shaping, Descriptive Research

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Published in : Volume 3 | Issue 6 | September-October - 2017
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2017-10-31 2395-1990 2394-4099
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115-118 IJSRSET173619   Technoscience Academy

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